Supplemental Materials for Publications and Links
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“The Case for Comparative Regional Analysis in International Politics.” International Studies Review 19(3). [Link]

"Order and Disorder across Geopolitical Space: The Effect of Declining Dominance on Interstate Conflict."  Journal of International Relations and Development 18(4).  [Link]

"Toward Interdisciplinary Engagement with International Relations" in Essays in Honor of Joseph T. Salerno.

"Going for the Gold: Status Seeking Behavior and Olympic Performance."  International and Area Studies Review  16 (3).  [Online Appendices] [Data] [.do] [Link]

"Distance, Size, and Turmoil: North-South Mediterranean Interactions."  Cahiers de le Méditerranée 89. [Link]

"Major Power Status (In)Consistency and Political Relevance in International Relations Studies."  Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy [Link]

"The Notion of Central Europe" in Regional and International Relations of Central Europe

"Identifying Regional Powers and Their Status" in Major Powers and the Quest for Status in International Politics

"Status Considerations in International Politics and the Rise of Regional Powers" in Status in World Politics [Growth Graphs]. 

Diplomatic Contacts (DIPCON) Data

Regions of Opportunity and Willingness Data

"Constrained to Cooperate: Domestic Political Capacity and Regional Order"


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