Final End of Season Ranking

by Patrick Rhamey

UCF should have gone, and 4 SEC teams are more deserving than Oklahoma.

Also, keep in mind the ranking evaluates the total body of work, as discussed in the explanation. It is not intended to be predictive. Notre Dame has, given the quality of their opponents, the highest value of combined wins. That does not, however, mean Notre Dame is better than Alabama or will beat Alabama.

Also, remember that the network treats all wins, no matter when during the season, equally in calculating their value in the rank. Alabama has the best win in the network (Georgia). However Notre Dame defeated consistently decent (if not as exceptional) teams (Michigan, Wake, Stanford, Pitt, Northwestern, Syracuse), across lots of conferences, providing more extensive evidence to their goodness relative to all NCAA teams, not just within a single conference (though it be the best one). Notre Dame’s unique position as an independent gives it more to gain from cross-conference wins in the ranking, but also more to lose should they stumble (as BYU demonstrates). Further, while Bama had some uniquely good wins, they also had some uniquely worthless ones that didn’t do much to bolster their “total body of work” (Louisiana, Louisville, Arkansas, and Citadel). Those cupcakes have earned Alabama the #3 spot in the Network Ranking.

Top 25 (Explanation; Full Ranking)

  1. Notre Dame

  2. Clemson

  3. Alabama

  4. UCF

  5. Georgia

  6. LSU

  7. Missouri

  8. Florida

  9. Oklahoma

  10. Texas A&M

  11. Michigan

  12. Mississippi State

  13. Kentucky

  14. South Carolina

  15. Ohio State

  16. Auburn

  17. Vanderbilt

  18. Penn State

  19. Cincinnati

  20. NC State

  21. Army

  22. West Virginia

  23. Syracuse

  24. Utah

  25. Ole Miss

Should-have-been Bowls by Network Ranking:
Orange Bowl - College Football Playoff: Notre Dame v UCF
Cotton Bowl - College Football Playoff: Clemson v Alabama
Sugar - Georgia v Oklahoma
Rose - Washington v Ohio State
Citrus - Michigan v Florida
Fiesta - Missouri v NC State
Outback - Penn State v Texas A&M
Gator - Iowa v South Carolina
Holiday - Michigan State v Stanford
Liberty - TCU v Mississippi State
Redbox - Minnesota v Washington State
Sun - Duke v Arizona State
Military - Boston College v Cincinnati
Arizona - Hawaii v Louisiana
Belk - Virginia v Kentucky
Peach - LSU v Northwestern
Alamo - West Virginia v Utah
Camping World - Syracuse v Texas
Music City - Pitt v Vanderbilt
Texas - Iowa State v Auburn
Pinstripe - Miami v Wisconsin
Independence - Georgia Tech v Army
Cheez-It - Baylor v San Diego State
Quick Lane - Virginia Tech v Purdue
First Responder - Wyoming v BYU
Hawaii - UAB v Utah State
Dollar General - NIU v Arkansas State
Armed Forces - Oklahoma State v Temple
Birmingham - South Florida v Toledo
Bahamas - MTSU v Buffalo
Potato - Ohio v Boise State
Gasparilla - Wake Forest v Marshall
Frisco - Houston v Eastern Michigan
Boca Raton - FIU v Memphis
New Orleans - North Texas v Appalachian State
Camellia - Western Michigan v Georgia Southern
Las Vegas - Fresno State v Oregon
New Mexico - Louisiana Tech v Nevada
Cure - Tulane v Troy