Week 10 Network Ranking

by Patrick Rhamey

Notre Dame passes Georgia, which is impressive given Georgia subsumes Notre Dame's win network having defeated them.  Notre Dame is simply connected to more teams by fewer degrees of separation than Georgia, however, despite that loss, moving the Irish into the number one spot (Georgia is connected to all teams Notre Dame is connected to, via Notre Dame, but all those teams are on degree of separation further from Georgia, increasing their distance, or degrading their value to the ranking).

You'll notice a few other eye-catching things, such as no movement from Ohio State or, similarly, Oklahoma.  Because the ranking treats all wins and losses equally, Ohio State's loss to Iowa is being made up for by gains made by the positive improvement of teams Ohio State previously beat.  Likewise, defeating Oklahoma State didn't add enough to Oklahoma's win network to keep from being passed up by Iowa, despite Oklahoma State falling behind them.

Top 25 (Explanation; Full Ranking)

  1. Notre Dame (+1)
  2. Georgia (-1)
  3. Alabama (nc)
  4. Wisconsin (nc)
  5. UCF (nc)
  6. Miami (nc)
  7. Memphis (nc)
  8. Toledo (+1)
  9. Penn State (+1)
  10. Michigan State (+5)
  11. Ohio State (nc)
  12. Iowa (+6)
  13. Oklahoma (nc)
  14. Oklahoma State (-2)
  15. Michigan (+2)
  16. USC (-1)
  17. TCU (-1)
  18. Washington (+2)
  19. Clemson (+4)
  20. Virginia Tech (+1)
  21. Washington State (+4)
  22. Northwestern (+5)
  23. Mississippi State (+3)
  24. South Carolina (nc)
  25. Iowa State (-3)