Network Ranking - Week 12

by Patrick Rhamey

Still some football to played - though the sudden appearance of OU (WHO LOST TO TEXAS!!!) in the CFPC's ranking is a touch peculiar.  With the game against Stanford on the horizon, a good opportunity is still available for Notre Dame to climb into the playoff, combined with the possibility of an OU loss in Bedlam. 

With Ohio State's fall from grace, Navy sneaks into the top 4, highlighting that the Midshipmen have really been ignored.  With their one loss to Notre Dame, however, they're under-ranking is very closely tied to the under-ranking of the Irish.  Politically, however, it would be difficult for the committee to agree to have Clemson, Notre Dame, and Navy, given the Tiger beat the Irish who beat the Midshipmen, all in the playoff.  Unfortunately, political necessity and evidence based merit are at times incompatible.

However, Bama has snuck up on the top 4.  With a win in the Iron Bowl and the SEC Championship, the Network Ranking's evidence based perspective and the CFPC's expectation/political perspective may align for the Tide.

Top 25 (Explanation; Full Ranking)

  1. Notre Dame (nc)
  2. Iowa (+1)
  3. Clemson (-1)
  4. Navy (+4)
  5. Alabama (+5)
  6. Florida (+5)
  7. Oklahoma State (nc)
  8. Northwestern (+4)
  9. Ohio State (-5)
  10. Michigan State (+7)
  11. Texas A&M (+2)
  12. Oklahoma (+3)
  13. Mississippi State (+6)
  14. TCU (-5)
  15. Memphis (-9)
  16. Michigan (+4)
  17. Toledo (+6)
  18. Stanford (+4)
  19. Baylor (+5)
  20. Houston (-15)
  21. LSU (-5)
  22. UCLA (+4)
  23. Washington State (+2)
  24. Utah (-6)
  25. Ole Miss (-4)