The Professor Ranking

by Patrick Rhamey

Last week I compiled the rankings I could find done by professors with appropriate methodological skills.  More about those rankings here.  I've repeated that process for the end of the season, adding to the list the Simple Rating System by Dan Drinen.  Taking the median ranking (and then the mean to break ties) the results are that the professors don't like Florida State.  Poor TCU remains in the top 4, with Ohio State beating out the Seminoles for the fourth spot.  If you look at the rating methods, the ones including win margins are those that really punish Florida State, whereas the more simple win-loss methods, such as my own, have them much higher. The 8 professors are:

Jay Coleman, University of North Florida - PhD Industrial Management, Clemson University (

Wesley N. Colley, University of Alabama in Huntsville, former BCS contributor - PhD Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University (

Doug Drinen, University of the South - PhD Mathematics, Arizona State (

Cody Kirkpatrick, Indiana University - PhD Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alabama in Huntsville (

Kenneth Massey, Carson-Newman College, former BCS contributor - PhD Mathematics, Virginia Tech (

Peter J. Mucha, University of North Carolina - PhD Applied and Computational Mathematics, Princeton University (

Patrick Rhamey, Virginia Military Institute - PhD Political Science, University of Arizona 

Matthew Rissler, Loras College - PhD Mathematics, Notre Dame (