Network Ranking for Week 9

by Patrick Rhamey

Alabama jumps into the three spot while Auburn drops down to 5 (Auburn didn't play, Alabama did, think about it conceptually like a horse race to accumulate evidence).  For those of you wondering why Florida State didn't move up in the network after defeating Notre Dame, it's because the value of Florida State's other wins took a pretty big hit this week - Oklahoma State lost to TCU, NC State lost to Louisville (who Florida State doesn't play until next week), and Wake lost to Syracuse who Florida State already beat (as did Notre Dame so it's redundant). Notre Dame's wins aren't adding much to Florida State either.  The best one is Stanford, who lost to Arizona State this week. 

Top 25 (Explanation; Full Ranking):

  1. Ole Miss
  2. Mississippi State
  3. Alabama
  4. Florida State
  5. Auburn
  6. Notre Dame
  7. TCU
  8. Kansas State
  9. Marshall
  10. Oklahoma
  11. LSU
  12. Baylor
  13. Texas A&M
  14. Minnesota
  15. West Virginia
  16. Oklahoma State
  17. Oregon
  18. Louisiana Tech
  19. Nebraska
  20. Georgia
  21. Michigan State
  22. UCLA
  23. Clemson
  24. Arizona
  25. Colorado State